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Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2nd edition

Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2nd edition

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$50.00 - Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2nd edition

$39.00 - Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2nd edition (Member Price Limit 1-5 copies)

Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2nd edition
By: Sara Kollman, DNP, RN, NE-BC, and the Preceptor
Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing Revision Task Force
Year Published: 2024

Experience the power of effective preceptorship with the Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2nd edition. Our comprehensive guide equips
experienced nurses, or preceptors, with the essential tools and resources needed to seamlessly integrate new employees into your organization.

Preceptors play a crucial role in providing guidance and support to students, orientees, and experienced staff members, serving as a vital link to your organization's policies,
procedures, standards of care, and most importantly, to your patients. 
Ambulatory care nursing, encompassing all patient care settings outside of inpatient environments, requires preceptors to have a thorough understanding of the clinical, legal, and organizational landscape. With our Preceptor Guide, preceptors gain insights and strategies to navigate these complexities, ensuring optimal outcomes for your facility.

Whether you're establishing a new preceptor program or enhancing an existing one, the Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2nd edition, is your go-to resource.
Explore how this invaluable guide can elevate your preceptorship initiatives and foster success in diverse ambulatory care settings.

Value to Your Practice:
  • Increases knowledge of the precepting process with clear descriptions and definitions
  • Clearly defines the role of the preceptor in ambulatory care
  • Provides guidance on how an organization can support both preceptors and learners
  • Offers information, resources, and tools needed to achieve a rewarding and effective preceptor program
  • Includes activities to build preceptor skill and confidence
Who Should Purchase:
  • Administrators and managers seeking to develop a preceptor program at their facility
  • Ambulatory care nurses taking on a preceptor role
  • Preceptors seeking to improve or validate their approach
  • Educators seeking to provide structured guidance and resources for preceptors
  • New staff nurses who will be involved as a learner in a preceptor program
What's Inside:
  • Preface
  • Seven chapters covering all aspects of a preceptor program:
                     o Chapter 1: Introduction to the 2nd Edition Preceptor Guide
                     o Chapter 2: The Role of the Preceptor
                     o Chapter 3: Strategies for Preceptor Success
                     o Chapter 4: Preceptor Program Development
                     o Chapter 5: Developing the Preceptor Program Curriculum
                     o Chapter 6: Foundations for Telehealth Nursing
                     o Chapter 7: Preceptor Program Sustainability
  • Final Conclusion
  • Appendices:
                     o Appendix A: Preceptor Role Competency Resources
                     o Appendix B: Sample Tool for the Orientee’s Evaluation of Preceptor
                     o Appendix C: Sample Template for a Coaching Plan
                     o Appendix D: Simple Business Proposal Template
  • Glossary
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